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Omg. This is without a doubt my favorite toy thus far. Before ordering it, I heard so many good things about it and couldn’t wait to get it for myself. Everything I heard- True!!! The variety of settings and rhythms are amazing and the suction mixed with pulsating will drive you absolutely insane. This is my new boyfriend. It’s well worth every single dime.

Mae Lacy

YALL❗❗❗❗❗❗ THE PICTURE EXPLAINS IT ALL BUT I GOTTA TELL YALL WHAT HAPPENED 😂. I LITERALLY TOOK THIS FOR A JOKE UTIL I USED IT. Ok so I got ready and laid down ya know tryna see what the toy was about. I read the instructions, made sure I had it right and I turned it on. The first setting had some vibration, it felt good but I wanted MORE❗ After about 30 seconds, I turned it to the 2nd setting and in bout 15 seconds I came💦💦, soooo much and sooo hard😩😩 yall my body froze up, but I was shaking at the same time. I instantly went to sleep 💤😩

Candra Monts

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